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Hello, everypony! Feel free to ask me questions here, I shall try my best to answer them.

i drop the nutella on the floor :C



i kill the jar ;c

the jars are plastic, no?

They are, and I’m sorry to say that I’ve broken a jar in my time.

((Out of fabric: irl I work at a grocery store, and the first thing I accidentally broke was a jar of Nutella. The shape of the jar isn’t the most stable thing on the shelf.))

Let's say your mother's current age?

"Well, I’d still be sewing dresses, of course. I’m not sure what else I’d be doing. Perhaps settled down with a family, perhaps not. The future isn’t an exact science; you can verify that with Twilight."



If one were to listen closely, they would be able to hear a simply gorgeous voice coming from the outside of a nearby cottage. Its owner was a Pegasus, one who adored animals and was timid by nature. 

Fluttershy was smiling, her eyes were closed as she sang to her animal friends. She had no idea anyone was listening to her. If she knew, she surely wouldn’t have been singing at all. 

"That was beautiful, Fluttershy! I knew you had talent, but I had no idea that you had so much of it! Brava!”

Do you have any ideas what you'll be like when your older?

"Well, it depends on how much older you mean, dear."


(Anon hate is stupid. If you don’t like how a character’s portrayed, unfollow the blog instead of attacking the mun. Do you feel joy out of angering people, out of making them upset for how they choose to play their muse?

Back. Off.

No one has to listen to you. 

It’s the mun’s choice if they wanna have their blog as canon as possible or turn it into some AU blog. 

They aren’t gonna change it for your amusement.)

((Out of fabric: And sometimes the mun can’t help the way they play their muse; indeed, sometimes the muse plays the mun! I should know, Rarity’s surprised me many times, and I feel as though I know her like the back of my hoof hand.))