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Hello, everypony! Feel free to ask me questions here, I shall try my best to answer them.
Have you ever considered designing overalls with unique designs and patterns on them? You could use me as a model if you want.. :D

"I suppose Applejack would appreciate those designs a bit more, and perhaps Big Macintosh would, too…"

Excuse me miss, Do you repair damaged clothing?

"I do indeed. What do you need repaired?"

I'm sorry about the door, I'll have it repaired. Just get Sweetie Belle to safe- *Gets interrupted by a punch to the face that knocks me ten feet away. Then, a man, similar in appearance to a nonnie walks through the doorway, save for being tall, at 6'9, muscular, and wearing a trench coat. As he shoves Rarity aside, he comes towards me, grabs me by the front of the jacket with one hand, and prepares to pummel me with the other*

Rarity stared in horror as the Anon beat up the pony.
"Nobody does that to my friends!"
Rarity launched herself at the Anon.

((Out of fabric: Mun is going on a train trip soon, so I’ll try to answer some old questions to queue up. Meanwhile, have a picture of Rarity attempting to sleep on a train.

Because it’s going to be an overnight train with sleeper cars and everything.))

To my dear loyal subject Rarity. What is a world without balance? A night without day, a yin without yang, a diamond without luster. I can take away the heat, but to balance it out, you must take away something cold. I will reduce the temperature by one degree for every quart of ice cream you consume in the next 24 hours. No outside help allowed. Pretend that one of your designs was rejected by Fancypants - I believe that is conducive to the task at hand. Signed, Princess Tr- er, Celestia

Rarity examined the letter. It didn’t seem like something that Celestia would write. She tucked the letter away to have Twilight take a look at later.

"Wait a second. Princess Tr-?”

"There’s only one pony I know who would call herself a princess whose name starts like that."


Dear Princess Celestia,

Could you possibly make the temperature a bit cooler? One appreciates the summer, of course, but not while perspiring, and certainly not when there are no swimming areas open.

I haven’t been very active lately because I’ve been caught up in some online games and such.

Don’t worry, my dears. I’m still here. *crazy laughter*

((Out of fabric: Curse you, Minecraft and facebook games! CURSE YOU!))

Rarity, You're Human.

"I know, dearie. I know."

*Suddenly, I get sent crashing through the door, as I get up I turn to the currently human Rarity* Not even gonna bother asking.. *Wipes some blood off of chin*

"You’re hurt!"

"And my DOOR! You RUFFIAN!"

((Out of fabric: We really need some confused human Rarity screenshots, there are far too few of them out there. Something like a human version of

should do the trick. Best I could find was

And that’s more of a “Meh.” look.))